No More Clouds to Put Away (SOLD)

Acrylic paint on canvas
104cm x 104cm x 4cm depth, framed in untreated wood.

Like much of Kate Dolan’s expressionist works this series reveals captured moments, slices of time representing instants where clarity of an experience was seized or a processing of an emotion was achieved.

Her “Dream Series”, is her reflection of living, dying and death. Death is often not spoken about, it is only when you experience loss do you notice how much people shy away from talking about it. We especially don’t like to discuss the horrors of it or, controversially, the good that sometimes can come of it. After the funeral, there is a period of fading where it feels like everyone else around you has forgotten. Let’s all move on.

Even though no-one actually has.

What comes through in the work is the absence of any heaviness, there is nothing painful to see here. Kate wants you to float away in these paintings. You might look at the lack of contrast or saturation of some of these works as a problem, but for her it is the opposite of that. It is a sense of being free. Free from life, free from death, free from now. Capturing the moment is a therapy for the artist, who through the work can unburden herself from the struggle and simply remember.

Sometimes in life, death is not all blackness, it is light.