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Kate Dolan (b.1985) is an abstract artist originally from Leeds, UK. After graduating she spent years working in advertising ignoring her instinct to create but in 2015 she decided to get back to her creative roots and pick up a paintbrush. She hasn’t looked back.  Kate was painting in London but since March 2022 she has been working from her studio in Perth, Western Australia. 

Kate’s large-scale canvases consist of graphic lines and big expanses of colour. Often struck with colour inspiration at random moments, from an outfit she has seen on a strange, the colour of a house and quite often from nature. Her pictures reveal captured moments, slices of time. Whatever is happening in her life is reflected in her paintings. Working with mixed media, both acrylic and oil paint and also pastel.

“I try not to plan my canvases too much, I just let them happen. I always start with pastels to mark out the composition and then it is a matter of feeling my way around the painting from one stroke to the next. Or perhaps I will get obsessed with a colour or shape I have seen that week and I’ll change the painting to make it fit.  Random things from my subconscious will creep into my paintings and only when I look back can I make the link.

Kate has worked with both private and commercial clients on specific projects. Contact her studio directly or via instagram to discuss a commissioned work.