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Geometric painting commission for private client
Beyond Fields 12 150x120cm (sold)

Kate’s ‘field’ geometric paintings are inspired by the irrigation circles of the Great Plains and the American Northwest. Impressive both in their scale and collectivity aerial photographs of them convey an image of order and precision. A vision of beautiful simplicity, they are a symbol of modern industrial agribusiness. These fields seen from above, cast an imposing mark upon the world. ┬áThis made me stop to consider how they came to be and look into the impact they have on our planet.

Geometric painting Calico Field
Calico Field 104 x 104cm (sold)
Pink Field 120cm x 120cm (sold)
Geometric painting Abstract Pink Field
Abstract Pink field 125 x 180cm (available)

During the pandemic her geometric paintings became looser and more abstracted, aligned with the expressive works she was making at the same time.

Bold and vibrant geometric painting 'Abstract blue field'.
Abstract Blue Field 130 x 180cm (available)
Beyond Fields 9 100cm x 100cm – sold
Abstract coral field 135 x 180cm (available)
Calm geometric painting
Beyond Fields 4 (sold)
Beyond Fields 1 101cm x 101cm (sold)
Beyond Fields 2 101cm x 101cm (sold)
Beyond Fields 3 101cm x 101cm (sold)
Beyond Fields 7 100cm x 100cm (sold)
Beyond Fields 5 (sold)
Beyond Fields 6 (sold)