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My emotions always come through in my work.  However hard I try to control what I’m working on if I don’t let go it just will not work.  I try to stick with a specific idea I have but I can guarantee it will fail if at some part of the journey I don’t lose […]

My precious Fields

You are probably wondering what on earth these circles are all about.  For most of us they satisfy some psychological desire for symmetry and proportionality. A preference for circular shapes is deeply ingrained in all of us from birth. The circle embodies all of the attributes that attract us: it is safe and evokes calmness, […]

Just call me David Bailey…

I’m guilty of massively underestimating how difficult something is until I try it for myself.  I used to complain that it cost £40 to have my artwork photographed by a professional.  I would say ‘it’s a bit expensive’ to be met with the confused, judgement covered faces of other artists who sell prints. There is […]

Ironically arctic

Trust me to be drooling over Pinterest images of the arctic when it’s been 30 degrees outside. For my abstract work my starting point is (almost) always an aerial image of the earth, I find them fascinating and the almost neon colour created by light reflecting off the glacial ice in Iceland was no exception, […]

My process

Hi everyone, So I thought i’d start to put a bit more out there about my process. Sometimes (most of the time) with mine and many abstract paintings, the concept behind each piece or series isn’t immediately obvious.  If you walk into a gallery there will always be some text describing what the artist went […]