My latest dream series

It’s our biannual open studios event Wimbledon Art Fair coming up next week and for those visiting I wanted to write a little bit about my latest work in case you swing by my studio (241 RED building).

I’ve privately named the series ‘Daylight shaking through the Trees’ – it’s a lyric from a Damien Jurado song ‘Silver Joy‘.  Pretty much all the work in my studio is named after lyrics from that song.  Listen to it, you’ll soon understand why.

If you read down my earlier posts to “Ironically Arctic” you’ll see that the series started with images of glaciers (I hope by now you all understand that nature is my main inspiration, or aerial images of the earth, the material is endless).  But it took on a whole new direction what with all the grief, the strange dreams and anxiety.  What resulted is a lightness that I can only understand to be my reflection of life and death, in the case of dying from a terminal illness.  I’m sorry if this is morbid, perhaps it is but we don’t really speak that much about death, we especially don’t like to discuss the horrors of it.  After the funeral there is a period of fading where it feels like everyone else around you has forgotten. Let’s all move on. Even though no-one actually has.

It makes sense to me that what has come through in my work is the absence of any heaviness, there is nothing painful to see here.  I could literally float away in these paintings, I hope you do too.  You might look at the lack of structure or saturation as a problem, but for me it is the opposite of that.  It is a sense of being free.  Free from life, free from death, free from now.  I’m not religious but you could say I am spiritual, or believe in the power of energy. Or something. I’m not sure.

It’s quite interesting to me to think that the under-paintings of There’s Nowhere I need to Be & No More Clouds to Put Away are incredibly dark and miserable.  As these were the paintings I struggled with when I was experiencing a wave of grief and anxiety.  It’s like I subconsciously covered up all this blackness with light, dancing colours that make your eyes dart around the painting.  Because when you are painting in this way you don’t really plan your moves, you kind of feel your way around the place.

I think I’ve said enough about them now for you to come and make your own mind up, it will be interesting to get the thoughts of people that are seeing them for the first time and don’t know much about me or my journey.  I’m looking forward to the honest feedback from the general public – they really do have a way with words :-).

Maybe this is all bullshit and I just picked up a paintbrush and put some colour on the canvas and moved it around a bit.  That’s perhaps what some people will think when they view the work and they can think that if they choose to.  Who truly knows?  But when I am absolutely free from any plans or constraints something different happens and boy do I feel the struggle!

I look forward to seeing you all next week.

With love,

Kate x


Written by Kate Dolan

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