Ironically arctic

Trust me to be drooling over Pinterest images of the arctic when it’s been 30 degrees outside.

For my abstract work my starting point is (almost) always an aerial image of the earth, I find them fascinating and the almost neon colour created by light reflecting off the glacial ice in Iceland was no exception, I mean LOOK AT IT.

I was also chatting with another artist in my studio, who uses lots of fluorescent colours in her work, about how use of these colours isn’t mainstream enough for certain art fairs in London.  I mean how ridiculous that the general art buying public would be frightened of a bit of fluoro.  I wasn’t buying it.

So I was set in my direction for the series, this was my starting palette, the exciting part is to see where it would go.  And boy did it go.  The hazy hot days in London had a huge affect on the colours, strokes and composition of these works.  The colours of  balmy evenings, burnt grass, and eye-squinting sunshine all made an appearance at some point.  The fact my studio got up to 38 degrees at some point might have also been a factor.

So today i’m off to the framers for the next stage of the process. I am SO EXCITED about this part.

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Written by Kate Dolan

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